A Power BI dashboard has been shared with you. Ready to dive in? Learn how to get the most out of it with the Power BI dashboard essentials every user should know.

Get familiar with Power BI dashboard terminologies, learn to slice and dice the data through slicers, filters and drill down capabilities, and ask questions, to get results from underlying datasets.

Join this session to learn about best practices for visualizing your data in Power BI dashboards, and clearly communicating actionable insights.

Dashboard terminologies

Understand common terminologies related to dashboards, reports, datasets and workspaces to have more effective communication.

Slicing the data

Recognize and use the different kinds of slicers and selections possible in Power BI – regular, chiclet, hierarchical, single-select, multi-select and search values within slicers. We will use a weekly planning summary report created for a major retailer to get insights on different divisions, departments and channels.

Report filters

Wondering about the validity or scope of the data and want to see what’s included or excluded? Learn about the different kinds of filters applied by the report creators at the Report, Page and Visual levels. We will use a Power BI report that shows diabetes and obesity growth in the US in the past 20 years.

Ask a question

Would you like an insight that is not currently displayed in the way you would want, but know the data can answer your question? In some cases, you can ask your own questions of the data in simple English language and get instant insights. We will use an example of survey data on internet access in London to demonstrate how.

ShareAdvance Power BI Reports

ShareAdvance Project Intelligence is a big data analytics solution for Project Online and Project Server. Its reporting database gives you simplified access to all of your Project data including many fields that are not available through OData. Unlimited snapshotting enables trend and predictive analytics.

ShareAdvance has a large library of Power BI reports that come with the solution.

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Advaiya can help you get started fast and efficiently with Microsoft Power BI reports. We can help you develop advanced business analytics to further increase what you and your teams can know about your projects and resources, deepening understanding and effectiveness throughout the company. We have over ten years of experience working with enterprise customers, optimizing productivity by delivering world-class project management, collaboration and data analytics solutions.

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