Are you ready for a modern intranet for your enterprise?

Content discovery and aggregation

Contextual information and content

Enterprise social enablement with Yammer, Twitter & Facebook

Optional integration with enterprise systems

Easily deployable, configurable, and customizable collaborative solution

Facilitate contextual conversation, discovery, and awareness with

AdVanced for Modern Intranet

Solution includes:

  • Multiple responsive design themes
  • Site and subsites templates
  • Set of innovative widgets – documents, birthday reminders, events, media gallery, announcements, etc.
  • Expense tracker app
  • Deployment guide
  • User manual

Partnering includes:

  • Quick solution setup in a day’s time
  • Two hours of Intranet Portal setup consulting
  • Dynamic support team, and more

$ A Fixed Price Offering by Advaiya


You can also send us an email or call us to set up an individual consult/discussion/demo.
Phone: +1 (425) 256 3123

AdVanced Intranet is completely extensible and ready to deploy with minimal customization.

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